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Rants, Reviews & Reflections

Some of these stories were published on the Ether Reads app. The stories have also been read at the ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ night for White Rabbit at The Basement, Brighton.

Roll Out the Barrel (02 July 2012)

Bertie perched grumpily on an ice cream tub. 'It's not fair', he muttered. 'Sally's only ten weeks older, but she's allowed to go'. He watched sceptically as his family scuttled along the gutter and cautiously darted towards the candy-floss [...]

The Boss of Bankside (28 November 2016)

James stood immobile, despite the biting wind. His eyes stung, which was all the better. He could blame any leaking from the sockets as caused by the inclement conditions. Around him people eddied and swirled. Over and over again [...]

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