Here is a selection of writing – a mix of articles I’ve written for magazines, general musings and short stories. You can also go to for more
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Some of these rants appeared as ‘My Pet Peeves’ for a blog on The Argus. Everyone has pet peeves. Maybe yours is ‘people who have pet peeves’. That’s fine. You bog off and be peevish about that. These are my peeves and I’ll cry if I want to.You can also go to for more. I also review for Pause Live Action


I have to confess I was slightly underwhelmed by the first episode of Poldark. Granted it’s been a while since it was last on, so they probably thought a recap was in order, but it felt like over half [...]

Viva Edinburgh Fringe

Advice to a Brighton-based friend of mine about to make her first visit to Edinburgh Get lots of sleep before you go. Just like when you’re pregnant and people tell you to sleep then and you think, yeah yeah [...]

All Hail YouTube – creator of dreams

I've got a YouTube channel for Mary Christmas. There's also a Livestock/Mothers Uncovered one - neither of which do all that much in terms of numbers. I don't know how people manage to create these multi-million subscriber channels when [...]

Motherland: Life, but not as we know it…

People kept asking me if I was watching Motherland. In addition to being a mother, I also work with mothers, so it was an obvious question. I did indeed watch it and I enjoyed it, although not as much [...]

Poldark – Aunt Agatha Brings It

Burly miner struts across the Cornish cliff, rippling his muscles. ‘I’ve a message from Trenwith. Where’s Poldark...?’ ‘He’s behind youuuuuu....!’ Oops sorry, I thought we’d got lost in panto-land for a minute. I’ve watched both the previous series and [...]