Here is a selection of writing – a mix of articles I’ve written for magazines, general musings and short stories. You can also go to for more
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Some of these rants appeared as ‘My Pet Peeves’ for a blog on The Argus. Everyone has pet peeves. Maybe yours is ‘people who have pet peeves’. That’s fine. You bog off and be peevish about that. These are my peeves and I’ll cry if I want to.You can also go to for more. I also review for Pause Live Action

Masterchef: It’s a Knockout!

Anything that has been filmed before This Time looks odd now, as sequestered in our homes, we resemble alien life forms peering down. We observe the contestants; hugging, high-five-ing, slapping each other on the backs: Where’s your social distancing?! Thank [...]

Masterchef: The Streamlined

These are lean, mean, streamlined times in 2020, chaps. With us undoubtedly going to hell in a handcart, the collective teeth-sucking at the continued existence of the BBC licence fee means some tough conversations have almost certainly taken place offscreen. [...]

Masterchef The Professionals: Popping Up Near You

Boiled (Gr)egg Yep, the gladiatorial instalment is back. Much the same as ever. Marcus - still wearing his ‘nice guy’ mask, Monica – a little bit feistier and more relaxed than in previous series, Gregg…words fail. When teamed [...]

Me, me, me time at Christmas!!

Christmas is a-coming and aren’t we all excited..?! Or do you perhaps feel a little sense of ennui that half the supermarket has been submerged under tinsel and collection boxes of chocolate when there’s still weeks to go? It [...]

Do You Know Who I Am…?

My younger son (nearly 11) told me he wouldn’t be having a speaking part in the Christmas show this year because he had one last year. Only about 7 or 8 lines, but he did make quite the impact. [...]