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Short Stories

Some of these rants appeared as ‘My Pet Peeves’ for a blog on The Argus. Everyone has pet peeves. Maybe yours is ‘people who have pet peeves’. That’s fine. You bog off and be peevish about that. These are my peeves and I’ll cry if I want to.You can also go to Rants, Reviews, Reflections for more. I also review for Pause Live Action

Beware The Love Trap

I promised my sons I wouldn’t watch Love Island again. I got embroiled in one season (the one of ‘Jack and Dani’, who acquired the moniker ‘Jani’, I believe). I was ‘addicted’, my offspring claimed derisively, even though I joined [...]


There was righteous anger recently at the suggestion from the Met Police that women ‘need’ to keep themselves safe on the streets from those they had been brought up to trust; by hailing buses whilst whipping up a souffle and [...]

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