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Short Stories

Some of these rants appeared as ‘My Pet Peeves’ for a blog on The Argus. Everyone has pet peeves. Maybe yours is ‘people who have pet peeves’. That’s fine. You bog off and be peevish about that. These are my peeves and I’ll cry if I want to.You can also go to Rants, Reviews, Reflections for more. I also review for Pause Live Action

Friends, Lovers and the Somewhat Disappointing Memoir

There’s no denying that Matthew Perry is a talented and funny actor. I watched The Whole Nine Yards the other night and was struck by his exceptional physical comedy, needing to rewatch a particularly splendid pratfall because I was laughing [...]

Rise and Fall

The latest ‘WTF will people do next in a desperate bid for their 15 minutes?’ saw this unreality show, scheduled in an almost nightly glut over a few weeks in a slot late enough to allow for the swearing. From [...]

Masterchef: The Egobank Has Landed

Silly Celebrity season once more, as witnessed by the intro sequence of gurns, faked poses and Minty from Eastenders juggling satsumas. He was joined by Gareth Choirmaster Malone; Mel Blatt, formerly of All Saints; reality performer Mojo, and Legend Chris [...]

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