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I have been commissioned to write articles for magazines on a range of topics. I also write about various aspects of parenting, often sparked by something I have read for example, my piece in The Guardian. Plenty is written and said about motherhood, but not always by the mothers themselves. It is more likely that their thoughts are recorded retrospectively, if at all. Some of these can be seen here Mothers Uncovered.

Mothers Uncovered: Making The Personal Political

Since starting Mothers Uncovered in 2008, funding has always been one of our struggles. If you’ve not had to apply for grants, imagine it as a job application. A Groundhog Day of a job application because you always have [...]

We Need To Talk About Dad… (06 March 2017)

My husband died six weeks ago. Sorry for this bald opening sentence, but I don’t find delicacy the best option. Speaking to various organisations (tax, banks, DVLA etc) in the last month has made me snort (inwardly) at the [...]

Our health system is failing new mothers – The Guardian (08 July 2014)

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/08/health-system-failing-new-mothers-postnatal-depression-nhs#start-of-comments When the midwife places your newborn in your arms, you will feel a mixture of exhaustion and ecstasy. "This is the beginning of the rest of my life. Everything's going to be wonderful," you think. You may get [...]

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