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I have been commissioned to write articles for magazines on a range of topics. I also write about various aspects of parenting, often sparked by something I have read for example, my piece in The Guardian. Plenty is written and said about motherhood, but not always by the mothers themselves. It is more likely that their thoughts are recorded retrospectively, if at all. Some of these can be seen here Mothers Uncovered

Is My Body Too Bootylicious for You, Baby...? (27 June 2012)

On the perennially explosive topic that is breastfeeding, it seems you have to declare your own experience at the outset, so that, like with much else in life, people can pigeonhole you. I'll oblige, although I don't really agree ... [More]

MAD, BAD MOTHER? (11 April 2012)

Is becoming a mother not how you imagined?When I gave birth to my first child, now 5, I was staggered as to how extraordinarily isolated I felt. Like many other women living in a big city, without a family network around them, I ... [More]

How to Be a Good Mother (07 January 2012)

Opening my Guardian guide this morning I read with the usual sinking sense of inevitability that 'How to be a Good Mother with Sharon Horgan' was not going to be an insightful, thoughtful documentary. Rather it was going to be ... [More]

Trades Description Act (31 August 2011)

Having kids is bad for your health. That is the crux of Emma Kennedy’s piece published a few weeks ago in the Family section of The Saturday Guardian about the joys of child-free holidays. On learning that I have two young ... [More]

Mean Girls (05 November 2007)

I am in the classroom, twelve years old, cheeks burning. ‘Haven’t you started yours yet? I’ve had mine for ages.’ She laughs scornfully at my unwomanly state. My tormenter is resentful of the fact that I& ... [More]

In a Lather - Roundabout Magazine (16 October 2007)

Soap is big business. Everyone uses it on an extremely regular basis. If they didn’t, they’d soon discover people giving them a wide berth on public transport. There is even a Health and Safety Executive illustrated ... [More]

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