Here is a selection of writing - a mix of articles I've written for magazines, general musings and short stories. You can also go to www.rantsreviewsreflect.co.uk for more

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I have been commissioned to write articles for magazines on a range of topics. I also write about various aspects of parenting, often sparked by something I have read for example, my piece in The Guardian. Plenty is written and said about motherhood, but not always by the mothers themselves. It is more likely that their thoughts are recorded retrospectively, if at all. Some of these can be seen here Mothers Uncovered

Caroline Lucas at the Mothers Uncovered book launch (28 October 2018)

It's been a busy half term. The usual flurry of admin surrounding the Mothers Uncovered courses; including a new one called The Teen Years, for those navigating the later years of their offspring. The continual quest to make our ... [More]

Viva Edinburgh Fringe (08 January 2018)

Advice to a Brighton-based friend of mine about to make her first visit to Edinburgh Get lots of sleep before you go. Just like when you’re pregnant and people tell you to sleep then and you think, yeah yeah whatever. They& ... [More]

We Need To Talk About Dad... (06 March 2017)

My husband died six weeks ago. Sorry for this bald opening sentence, but I don’t find delicacy the best option. Speaking to various organisations (tax, banks, DVLA etc) in the last month has made me snort (inwardly) at the ... [More]

New motherhood and PND (Full article. Shorter version appeared in The Guardian) (25 August 2014)

When the midwife places your newborn in your arms, you will feel a mixture of exhaustion and ecstasy. ‘This is the beginning of the rest of my life. Everything’s going to be wonderful’, not, ‘Where’s ... [More]

Our health system is failing new mothers - The Guardian (08 July 2014)

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/08/health-system-failing-new-mothers-postnatal-depression-nhs#start-of-comments   When the midwife places your newborn in your arms, you will feel a mixture of exhaustion ... [More]

Your Home, Your Castle - in 'Living' - online publication (11 March 2013)

According to the colourful Antipodean soap, everybody needs good neighbours, but how many people actually get on with the ‘next doors’? The English are well known for their keenness for privacy: gripped by a mixture ... [More]

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