Mary Christmas
Hello dear ones from Mary Christmas, thank God you've reached this page. I think you'll agree the rest of the website is turgid old nonsense.I've only managed to inveigle this one page, but there are plenty of other pages where you can see me, me, me!! Follow me on Twitter @MaryChristmasxxOr on Facebook as Mary Christmas. You can see my motivational speeches here: or if you are exceedingly learned you can see my Orchida (I don't like the word blog, it sounds like a nasty bowel incident) here: I started life in Steeple Bumstead where I was brought up in the strict religious sect Sisters of Hellfire. My religion states I will be eternally damned unless I get hitched so one of you gorgeous hunks might be in luck, like you, yes you, with the blue shirt on looking at me with those come to bed eyes. I set up a support group for women looking for meaningful long-term relationships. It's called Get Laid.Our mantra is: 'A stranger is just a husband in disguise.' I'm currently Siralun's under-appreciated right-hand woman, producing his star-studded Macbeth and other top shows.
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