Hello and welcome to my website. I once met Archbishop Rowan Williams at my Mother's ordination and tried to engage him in Bishop and Actree banter.I am a performer, writer and facilitator. generally not all at the same time.


Mothers Uncovered's book, The Secret Life of Mothers' will be out soon on Amazon. It gathers over 50 women's experiences and has a foreword by Caroline Lucas. For a reminder of why support groups are so important, read my article in The Guardian. You can also sign our petition for more maternal support https://www.change.org/p/public-health-england-amp-nhs-new-mothers-need-more-support-help-them-now?just_created=true

Mary Christmas is back! To see her live bulletins, hop over to @TheMaryChristmas on Facebook. Got myself a blogsite for all those rantings - it's here www.rantsreviewsreflect.co.uk.



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